Some folks read in their spare time. Others watch TV. Smart people do crossword puzzles. Gluttons for punishment take days to put together incredibly intricate, 40,000 piece jigsaw puzzles only to have the unthinkable happen. Watch the unthinkable here!

Dave Evans spent 35 days pursuing his dream of creating the world's largest hand-cut wooden jigsaw puzzle. The puzzle, composed of 40,000 pieces was supposed to be auctioned off for charity within the next few weeks, but this weekend the unthinkable happened and it was captured for all of us to watch on Youtube!



What really surprised me about the video is that no one spoke one word of profanity! Not one word! What bad words would you have yelled if this had been your hand-cut puzzle piece of art?

Don't worry...the puzzle is not a goner. Dave Evans and his crew are up for the challenge of putting the massive puzzle together again and guess that it will take four days or so.