Do you think that cops do slightly illegal things just because they can? I don't mean murder or robbing a bank....but I'm fairly sure that they speed or make their own parking spaces on occasion, just because they have a badge. Watch a spunky 12 year-old bust a cop for doing something he thought was not right.

Jeremy Drew is a gutsy 12 year-old who caught a police officer doing something that he thought wasn't right, so he confronted the cop and asked for his badge number. The resulting video of that confrontation has netted young Jeremy over 3,456,835 views on Youtube so far. Watch it here.



Did 12 year-old Jeremy disrespect the police officer when he confronted him for parking on the sidewalk and asking for his badge number, or do you think that he was a gutsy young man who was just holding the cop accountable for doing something that none of us would have gotten away with?