Yikes! But, pretty cool to see.

The video is from a security camera in Wyoming, Michigan of a F-0 tornado that touched down and caused damage in the town. You'll note that this tornado is 'only' an F-0, and it caused trees being blown down and some pretty significant damage.

Of course, I had to do some research and try to figure out what the other ratings would look like after seeing this footage. According to noaa.gov, here's how the Fujita Tornado Damage Scale is determined:

  • F- 0 = Light damage with winds less that 73 MPH.
  • F - 1 = Moderate damage (cars pushed off roads, houses off bases) with winds around 73-112 MPH.
  • F - 2 = Considerable damage (roofs torn off houses, large trees uprooted, boxcars overturned) with winds around 113-157 MPH.
  • F - 3 = Severe damage (large quantities of trees uprooted, large cars thrown) with winds around 158-206 MPH.
  • F - 4 = Devastating damage (houses leveled, and objects being missiles) with winds around 207-260 MPH.
  • F - 5 = Incredible damage (houses leveled and swept away, cars flying through the air for some time, and incredible phenomena will occur) with winds 261-318 MPH.

After watching that video, I think the scale needs to be reworked in my own way:

  • F - 0 = Whaaat is going on?
  • F - 1 = Um, grab the important stuff and get in the basement!
  • F - 2 = Come on, please staaaaahp!
  • F - 3 = For real nature. You scary!
  • F - 5 = Nope.