There's a new warning out about putting ice cubes in your dogs water bowl. The report says it's a no-no.

Deadly consequences for putting ice cubes in your dogs water bowl? This article has gone viral in the last couple of weeks, leaving dog owners like me a little worried and confused.

Flint veterinarian Dr. Kathy Remsberg, is debunking the myth. She's seen the article. It's gone viral on social media, and claims that giving your dog ice water on a summer day lead to deadly bloating and spasms. It sites a real-life case, but the medical facts just aren't there.

Dr. Remsberg goes on to say, "if it were true, wouldn't dogs who drink from ice cold ponds, puddles, and lakes during the colder months be in big trouble"?This veterinarian has actually encouraged dog owners to put ice cubes in the water bowl.

This isn't the first time that an Internet report has caused a stir in the pet community. Pregnant women have come to her believing they need to get rid of their cats after reading reports online.The bottom line is if you are concerned call your vet.
ABC 12 – WJRT – Flint, MI