What would you risk to rescue an animal from the inside of a hot car?

See the reason for the question in the story below.

Carla Cheney hadn't started her shift as a pharmacy technician for Walmart yet when she noticed a man in the parking lot preparing to leave his dog in the car even though it was sunny and very, very hot. She approached the man and asked him to not leave the dog unattended in the hot car. He told her that it was none of her business, and continued into the store. Concerned for the animal's safety, Carla called police.

The next day, halfway into her shift at Walmart, Carla was called into her manager's office and fired for being rude to a customer. She is the second Walmart employee to be dismissed for reporting an animal left in a hot vehicle in less than a month. She worries now that Walmart employees won't speak up to protect pets left in dangerously hot vehicles for fear of being fired. Get the complete story below.



Did Carla Cheney go to far in an effort to protect the dog left in the hot car? Was Walmart out of line in letting her go? How far would you go to save an animal left in a hot car?