Is this a case of "better safe than sorry" or an extreme case of prejudice on the part of Walmart employees? You be the judge.

A white father took his three young daughters to their local Walmart in Woodbridge, Virginia to cash a check, and when he returned home he found a police car in his driveway. Apparently, authorities were alerted by the Walmart security team because the man and his daughters "didn't fit".

They are a biracial family.

The family says that they are used to "looks' when they go out as a family, but they are speaking out after the incident with Walmart because they want people to know about the extreme prejudices that still exist.

They will not shop at Walmart again.

Did Walmart overstep when they called police, and do you think that they were acting with prejudice, or were they just trying to be proactive with the little girl's safety in mind?

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