Someone is obviously a history buff or fan of the movie 'Titanic' along with having a spare $1.6 million lying around.

A violin believed to have been played on the 'Titanic' before it sank sold at auction this weekend for a record amount, one some collectors say may never be beaten. The musical instrument was believed to have belonged to Wallace Hartley, bandmaster for the famous ship, and one of the 1,500 victims of the sinking. The violin was made famous and memorable in the Jim Cameron movie 'Titanic' as continuously being played while ship was sinking and passengers were scrambling to get off. It's believed the story and the portrayal in the film led to its record setting price for a 'Titanic' artifact. It was found at see, along with Hartley's body, a week after the ship sank. The violin has undergone numerous tests to verify its authenticity.

Would you pay $1.6 million for a piece of history? Did you appreciate that scene in the movie?