Veterans have taken to the streets with a campaign to show their dissatisfaction with the lack of health care services. I wonder how fast you will be seeing these billboards up in Flint.

I hope that this will get the attention of everyone and so does this new Vet group. Recently in El Paso, Texas, there has been a purchase of billboards by an online Facebook group called "VA is lying."

The group started with a Marine vet from Florida, Ron Nesler, who paid hundreds of dollars to put his first billboard. After the billboard in Florida, 17,000 people have joined the Facebook page and members have begun donating money to place the billboards all over the country.

"I think it sends a message and we as veterans should rally around this," David Nevarez, a member of the online group and veteran's advocate in El Paso, TX said. "All this group is basically asking for is reform the VA."

You can check out the news story, below, from KFOX-TV in Texas: