Mr. G, a rescued goat and Jellybean, a rescued burro show how very strong animal friendships can be.

This is a wonderful story!

Mr. G and Jellybean were two of the neglected animals that were rescued from the home of an animal hoarder in Northern California. The two best friends had been together for ten years, but their rescuers weren't aware of the deep bond between the goat and the burro, and they were placed in two separate animal sanctuaries.

It took just a day for officials at Animal Place in Apple Valley, CA to notice that something was very wrong with Mr. G, the goat. He seemed very sad and stayed inside. The goat refused all food, even treats, and wouldn't even pick up his head. The staff found nothing physically wrong with Mr. G, but knew that something drastic needed to be done for the sad and starving goat.

It took three days to reunite the best buddies, but take a look below. In this very happy ending, Mr. G and Jellybean perfectly prove that a true friendship is forever, even for our animal friends.