Big doings at Barber Farms over the weekend!

One of our very favorite cows, "Tricolor" or #5907, as she is called, gave birth to the sweetest triplet calves.

Never mind Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's new arrival. Barber Farms welcomed adorable and perfectly formed triplet calves on Saturday.

Triplet calves are very rare. The odds are one in 105,000!

The calves were born to one of our very favorite cows, named "Tricolor", who is a mix of Red Holstein and Brown Swiss.

The triplet calves, 2 heifers and a bull, are perfectly formed and healthy.

"Tricolor" has given birth to seven calves in just four pregnancies. If you do the math, that means two single calves, one set of twins, and this set of triplets. She is one amazing cow!