Goodrich area schools finally took action involving fifth grade teacher Nicole Mcvey

Last November Nicole Mcvey took a video showing a Goodrich elementary school student with Asberger syndrome, stuck in a classroom chair.

McVey didn't help him instead she video taped him. The parents of the student wanted McVey fired. Instead last night Goodrich area schools approved an agreement with McVey.

Suspending her for one year without pay or benefits. Nicole McVey released this statement:  My actions brought a "huge black cloud" to the district.
McVey goes on to say,  "I have thought about November 22 every single day for the last 5 months and wish I could change every part of it.   I failed my students, and most of all I failed in my job as a teacher that day."

How do the parents of the student feel? They wanted more than a suspension... they wanted McVey fired. McVey also agreed to attend remedial training focused on classroom relationships and also on the handling of student information.
ABC 12 – WJRT – Flint, MI