Genesee County has a 7.8% unemployment rate as of November 2012 and it's fair share of strip clubs too. Those two observations inspire a question.

The question is simple. Should out of work dancers receive unemployment benefits? The Supreme Court in the state of Kansas has recently been asked that very question. On one side, you have a club owner claiming that the girl is an independent contractor, that she 'rents' space on the stage and earns her money through tips. On the other side, you have the dancer who says that she works within rules and policies set by the club owner which makes her an employee. Which side is right?

The Supreme Court of Kansas decided in favor of the dancer. Because the club had rules in place regarding how the dancers interacted with their customers and how much was charged for particular dances, the dancers should be considered club employees.

This Supreme Court ruling in Kansas could set a precedent for other states to follow. If you were the judge in this case, who would have ruled in favor of? Should strippers be eligible for unemployment benefits in the state of Michigan?