"They're already best friends," Jenna and Jillian's mom said after her identical twin girls were born holding hands. Bill and Sarah Thistlethwaite's daughters are  monoamniotic or 'mono mono' twins, which means they shared one placenta and amniotic sac, a condition which occurs in only about 1 in 10,000 births.

As the father of twin boys, I'm fascinated by the twin relationship. Although my sons wouldn't be quick to admit it at 16, there's an unbreakable bond between them that will probably last throughout their lives. It may have begun before birth, and has only grown stronger as together they've learned to walk, talk, and navigate life. On the other hand, their personalities and interests are unique and diverse.

Although mono mono twins are extremely rare, another patient at the same Akron, Ohio hospital is set to deliver another set later this week.

Meet the Thistlethwaites in the video below.

- George McIntyre
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