In this age of to much information. or TMI for the hip people in the room, this new trend will surely rank right up there at the top. But it won't stop a lot of expectant parents from booking one. Hit read more to find out what I'm talking about out.

It may look like any other party setting. Family and friends, food and maybe a cake. But wait a minute! Who are those people in white lab coats, and what does that machine do? Welcome to the newest craze for expectant parents. They're called ultrasound parties.

Teena Gold and Christy Foster, both licensed ultrasound technicians and members of the American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography went into business as soon as they could afford the cost of a high quality mobile ultrasound machine. Baby Face and More charges $100 - $350 per party in and around northwest Arkansas, and the demand for ultrasound parties is catching on nationwide.

"Gender reveal is probably the bulk of our work." Teena Gold says. That way parents and guests find out the sex of the baby together, in real time. "This way gets you out of that clinical setting." adds Christy Foster.

What do you think about ultrasound parties? If you were expecting a new baby, would you have one? If you were invited, would you attend one?