As last night's tumultuous weather in mid-Michigan proves, a tornado can show up on Doppler radar with little or no warning. The key to a good outcome for you or your family is to be prepared.

As last night's severe weather here in mid-Michigan illustrates, you don't necessarily have to live in tornado alley to be at risk for these potentially deadly storms. The key to a good outcome for you and your family is to know exactly what to do if you are in the path of severe weather.

One very good source for storm information can be found here, on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website.

Another very good source is Click here for their tips on how to develop a safety plan in the event of a tornado.

Weather experts agree that  a safety plan is crucial. A good one can be found here at the NOAA website. Practice it often.

Watch the video below for more valuable information.



Were you in the path of last night's severe weather? Do you or your family have a safety plan in place, and how often do you run through it?