The sun shining high in the sky, people crowding the beaches, the kids are out of school, this can only mean one thing its officially summer and what better way to celebrate the Summer Solstice than with a list of songs about summer. We have chosen our top ten songs with a summer feel for your enjoyment. Take a look after the jump.

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    'Suddenly Last Summer'

    The Motels

    Kicking off our list, The Motels 'Suddenly Last Summer,' has that great 80s retro feel that can take you back to that time when life was a bit easier. Well, that's if you spent your summer during the 80s goofing off and partying. Wasn't that what the 80s were all about?

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    'Summer Girls'


    How could anyone forget this song? During the summer of 1999 this song was played until the original recording wore out. The songs main catchiness is all the lines seem to rhyme with each other, even in their random order. The most popular line in the song was, "I like girls who wear Ambercrombie and Fitch." Now you remember, don't you?

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    'Summer Love'

    Justin Timberlake

    Off Justin Timberlake's second album, 'Summer Love' was the first single released in the summer of 2007. Of course like most of Timberlake's songs this catchy tune became popular with J.T. freaks and casual fans alike making it a top summertime song.

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    'Cruel Summer'


    Another great summer song to come from the 80s. Bananarama's Cruel Summer tells a tale of being alone, which makes the summer seem to drag on like a hot, sticky humid Michigan summer day. Still this catchy tune has always seemed to get you in the mood for summer.

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    'Endless Summer Nights'

    Richard Marx

    There's always a sappy ballad in the mix of top songs and the top summer songs is no exception. Richard Marx's 'Endless Summer Nights' is about a summer fling that should never end. Isn't this how we feel about all summer flings? Then when its the close of summer we just go on our own ways, but always thinking what could happen on those "endless summer nights."

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    'Summer Breeze'

    Seals and Crofts

    How can you know smell the jasmine when you here 'Summer Breeze'? Seals and Crofts simple song about summer breezes, jasmine and coming home to a girl your in love with just spews summer and during the summer of '72 when this song was released, it was a good thought with the Vietnam War going on.

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    'The Boys of Summer'

    Don Henley

    Don Henley pining for his ex-girlfriend, hoping that her new summer fling will leave so he can win her back. He's very adamant about this even saying in the song, "I'm gonna get you back..." Seems to me she has been entertaining multiple guys in the song, "boys" of summer. Why pine Don, move on! Still a perfect summertime song.

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    'All Summer Long'

    Kid Rock

    Of course we can't leave out our Michigan boy, Kid Rock, from the top summer songs. Rock had everyone singing his hit 'All Summer Long,' well all summer long and it still remains a staple summer song. Everyone seems to know the chorus by heart,  And we were trying different things / We were smoking funny things / Making love out by the lake to our favorite song / Sipping whiskey out the bottle, not thinking 'bout tomorrow / Singing Sweet home Alabama all summer long...

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    'Summer of '69'

    Bryan Adams

    Bryan Adams' 1985 hit 'Summer of '69' was an ode to summertime and being young. Playing his old six string, falling in love with a girl he met at the drive-in and having the best days of his life. According to him, the days of summer just seemed to last forever, back in the summer of '69.

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    DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince

    Definitely another staple summertime song, 'Summertime' by DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince was the anthem for the summer of 1991. This was before Will Smith was a big movie star and he just started his sitcom The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. We know this will be stuck in your head after listening for a few measures.