What are the names of women who are likely to cheat? Turns out Jessica, Ashley, and Emily are at the top of the list.

But remember, it's totally in fun, and probably not very scientific, so no offense if your name is on the list. And if you're involved with someone whose name makes the top 20 list below, it doesn't necessarily mean you need to install a GPS tracker in her phone. Or maybe you do. It's your call.

  1. Jessica
  2. Ashley
  3. Emily
  4. Sarah
  5. Samantha
  6. Amanda
  7. Brittany
  8. Elizabeth
  9. Taylor
  10. Megan
  11. Hannah
  12. Kayla
  13. Lauren
  14. Stephanie
  15. Rachel
  16. Jennifer
  17. Nicole
  18. Alexis
  19. Katie
  20. Amber

- George McIntyre
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