2011 was a busy year for news and entertainment and Cars 108 gave you some of the best stories around. From bullies, losing two well known local TV personalities and a Royal wedding. See what stories made our top 10 list.

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    Kid Gets Bullied and Fights Back [Video]

    By Erin Bishop

    A kid named Casey has been getting picked on for years. He finally fights back, but now he’s suspended from school. This was a controversial story -- do you think it was right for the schools to suspend Casey?

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    It’s ‘Dusty The Klepto Cat’ [VIDEO]

    By Rod Prahin

    Dusty was featured on the TV show ‘Must Love Cats’, which airs on the Animal Planet network. If you’re a cat lover, you will appreciate this video. Check out what Dusty has taken in the past.

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    Woman With 15 Kids from Three Baby Daddies Says ‘Somebody Owes Me’ [VIDEO]

    By Rod Prahin

    This is a very weird but sad story. It’s kind of hard to explain the whole situation in words, the video does a much better job. In brief form Angel Adams is a homeless mother who has 15 kids from three different fathers and feels like someone should pay.

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    9/11 Budweiser Commercial, Clydesdales Bow to Honor Victims [VIDEO]

    By George McIntyre

    Many people have been passing this video around on Facebook, so I wanted to make sure you had a chance to see Bud’s Clydesdale-tribute to the victims of the 9/11 tragedy.

    Jamie Squire, Getty Images
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    First Look At New Ground Zero Building '1 World Trade Center'

    By Rod Prahin

    Construction is well under way in New York Cities Ground Zero area, site of the Sept 11th terrorist attacks:I had the pleasure of seeing the Twin Towers in New York about 15 years ago, while visiting friends in the city.

    Pool, Getty Images
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    Flint’s Bill Harris Talks with Rod and Erin About Leaving ABC 12 [Audio]

    By Erin Bishop

    Rod, J., Jeremy and Erin had the pleasure of talking with former ABC 12 anchor and Flint icon Bill Harris this morning. Bill was kind enough to take some time to talk about the situation (of being released from ABC12) and to tell us what he plans to do next.

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    ABC-12 Releases Bill Harris, Joel Feick, Others

    By George McIntyre

    WJRT’s new owner, SJL Broadcasting has parted ways with longtime anchors Bill Harris and Joel Feick. M-Live reports that Harris has been with the ABC affiliate since 1977; Feick since 1983.

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    Michigan School Superintendent’s Letter to Governor: Make My School a Prison

    By George McIntyre

    The letter to the editor below, published by the Gratiot County Herald, makes some extremely good points – especially when comparing the $30,000 to $40,000 spent annually on each of Michigan’s prisoners, to the amount spent each year on school students.

    Bill Pugliano, Getty Images
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    728-Pound Susanne Eman Wants To Be The World’s Fattest Woman [VIDEO]

    By Rod Prahin

    I guess its great to have goals, but this one could be fatal. Mother of two Susanne Eman is on a mission to be the fattest woman in the world, and she is well on her way at 728 pounds. Susan is only at the half way mark of her 1600 pound goal.

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    Royal Name Generator – What’s Your Royal Name?

    By Erin Bishop

    Only a few days left until the big royal wedding. If you've always wondered what your royal name would be, now is your chance to find out.

    Chris Jackson, Getty Images