October 18th is Get Smart About Credit Day.  On this day, thousands of bankers will visit high schools across America to teach young people the importance of establishing and maintaining good credit.

It's a lesson that many adults could use as well.  Crushing credit card debt is hurting many households in America.  Most people have a hard time distinguishing between "wants" and "needs."

Another problem with credit that most people seem to have is that they only make the minimum required payment on their credit card bill every month.  Doing this ensures that you will probably pay more in interest than the cost of the items/services you bought.  At rates from 12 to 21 percent, that's a lot of money you could be saving or using for other things.

Get more information on smart credit choices at:  www.getsmartaboutcredit.com

Make yourself "fiscally fit," get smart about credit.