This has all the elements to be a terrible story.


After you get over the joy that your child is ok..then the thinking process starts. My God he could have been killed. A very busy road, and a toddler just moments away from stepping into it. That's what parents of a young boy say happened after their son wandered away from a local daycare.

To make things a bit worse, parents say the daycare tried to cover things up. Here's the story. On April 2, just after 5:30 p.m, Kolten Ghinelli's parents say he found his way out of the Always Learning daycare in Burton. He made it all the way to Belsay Road.

Terrence Roshell was driving on Belsay road and nearly hit little Kolton, slamming on his brakes, stopping traffic behind him. Roshell jumped out of the car grabbed Kolten and took him back to the daycare. Their reaction surprised him.

"They were just so casual about it," says Roshell. Workers at the hair salon next door to the daycare were so shaken up by what they had just witnessed, they called the police. It gets better, Kolten's father says he received a phone call from the police nearly six hours after the incident.

The Ghinellis say they were told by police that daycare gave them the wrong contact information. The state department of human services confirmed that there are in fact two open investigations into the Always Learning daycare. One being the incident involving Kolten last Friday. More in the video.