This is an incredibly sad story from Brazil, in which a two-year-old boy was pronounced dead, and then bolted awake from his casket hours before his funeral. Unfortunately, he lived for only a few moments before his lifeless body collapsed again into the casket.

Kelvin Santos stopped breathing after taking medication for a severe case of pneumonia. He was pronounced dead. An hour before his open-casket funeral, the toddler sat up from the casket and said, "Daddy, can I have some water?"

"We couldn't believe our eyes," said Kelvin's father, Antonio Santos, in an article by the Herald Sun. "We thought a miracle had taken place and our boy had come back to life."

Sadly, the family's miracle once again became a nightmare. The boy was rushed to the hospital, only to be pronounced officially dead. Doctors were not able to offer an explanation as to what had occurred.

The boy's father says his son may have been a victim of medical malpractice.

"Dead people don't just wake up and talk -- I'm determined to find out the truth."