Each year on the first Saturday in May is National Homebrew Day. I have been brewing beer at home for a couple of years, and enjoy the process of making, bottling, and tasting the many different styles of beer. Many of the microbreweries that are popular today, came to be because of someone's passion for brewing beer at home.

A local celebration of home brewers will take place today at the Redwood Lodge at 5304 Gateway Centre Drive (Hill Rd/US-23) with brewing demonstrations, live music and beer! Admission is $10 and proceeds benefit the Old Newsboys of Flint.

Brewing beer at home has been a tradition in this country since before we were even a country. It is fascinating to find the many different styles and flavors of beer, and even more fascinating to try them!

In honor of National Homebrew Day, raise a toast with something created locally. Especially if it was created in your own kitchen.