Forget this morning's snow and ice and your messy commute to work. Today is a day to celebrate!




Today, February 8 is the first National Girl Scout Cookie Day! To mark the day, Girl Scouts are embarking on a social media campaign, new cookie boxes and a Cookie Day truck that will drive around New York City giving out cookie samples and selling boxes of cookies. The scouts are also re-launching their Cookie Finder app, which allows would be cookie customers to find the nearest council selling cookies and any future sales dates.

The cookie business is huge for the Girl Scouts. The cookie sale is their major fundraiser for the year. 200 million boxes are sold annually, raising $790 million.

Do you think it's smart for today's scouts to embrace social networking with Facebook and tweets? Do you miss the girls, dressed in their uniforms coming door-to-door to sell their cookies? What is your favorite Girl Scout cookie? Do you hide some in the freezer, behind the vegetables like I do?