The temperatures in Mid-Michigan will be well into the 90s this week.  Heat waves are dangerous for everyone but especially the elderly and children.

Some of us don't have air conditioned homes, and staying cool on hot summer days may be difficult.  We've put together some tips to stay cool after the jump.

Fans: Using box fans in windows with the air intake pulling air to the outside during the day, and reversing the fan to pull cool evening air into the house is the simplest way to keep your home as cool as possible. You can also make a little homemade air conditioner. Set a tub of ice water behind the fan and wait. The cool air will be pulled away from the tub and cool down your home.

Windows: While the sun is up, keep windows and blinds should be closed. This will allow your home to stay as cool as possible for the longest amount of time.

Head downstairs: Staying downstairs can also help you keep you cool. Heat rises to the upstairs of your home so staying downstairs makes a big difference. If you have a basement you should consider a trip downstairs from time to time during the day to get a break from the heat.

Water and Ice: Water is one of the best ways to stay cool. Take a cool bath or shower during the day, or soak your feet in an ice bath to cool down. You could also get a spray bottle filled with cold water and ice to spray bursts on your face and neck throughout the day.  Drinking plenty of water will keep you hydrated as well.

Lights Off: Turn off unnecessary lights in your home as they can actually raise your indoor air temperature. Also avoid using ovens and stoves on hot days because they can also up the heat factor during a heat wave.

Other Things to Remember:

Keep in mind that pets are also affected by heat. Make sure that you keep their safety and comfort in mind.

Avoid eating large meals. They increase your metabolism which will raise your body temperature.

Make sure to check on elderly neighbors and relatives on excessively hot days. The elderly are especially susceptible to heat wave related illnesses.

Stay cool and have fun this summer!