Supposedly, this Papa John's delivery guy showed up at precisely the right time, just as YouTube user Kris1Obetz and her hot friends were dancing and recording a video to 'Call Me Maybe'.

I bet he agreed to participate, in hopes of getting a bigger tip. Or maybe something else.

A few random thoughts:

  • Why why why did the Papa John's in Grad Blanc close? I was very disappointed when that happened. Very disappointed. Truthfully, probably more so than was really necessary.
  • Why do good restaurants in Flint close? Why why why?
  • Now that it's closed, where can I get a good Hawaiian BBQ Chicken pizza in Flint? Seriously, theirs was awesome!
  • I delivered pizza when I was in high school. This never happened to me. Big surprise.
  • Is this a brilliant marketing plan from Papa John's? Reading through the comments, it appears that it is not.
  • Did this guy have pizza in the car that needed to be delivered to other customers? Did it get cold?