When I watching the news last night, I was shocked to find that a preschool student at Beecher's Tucker Elementary was overlooked and left on the bus for more than two-and-a-half hours.

It turns out that the aide who was supposed to ensure all students were safely off the bus somehow missed Deandre Jones, who was sleeping when the bus arrived at the school.

It wasn't until the buses were getting ready to pick up the students at the end of the day that a different driver noticed the boy playing on the bus.  Had this happened on the way home from school instead, Deandre would have likely been stranded on the bus overnight.

I loved buses when I was a kid, and still do to this day.  In fact, that above picture is of the bus I bought a few years ago.  But I couldn't imagine being stuck on one against my will for nearly three hours.  Needless to say, the aide has been terminated.  Check out the report below from WNEM TV-5.