A picture that's been circulating on Facebook shows a classroom full of students, whose cellphones are all stored neatly in a box with individual compartments.

The photo, on Sissy Brown's Facebook page, is captioned, "DO YOU AGREE WITH TEACHERS TAKING STUDENTS PHONES DURING CLASS?" [sic]

There's overwhelming support from well over 250,000 who've weighed in.

But wait a minute. Cellphones are part of our everyday lives. Why not teach students to use them responsibly?

A teacher I know regularly incorporates appropriate cellphone use into his curriculum. When an assignment is made, he tells his students to whip out their phones and to put the due date in their calendars.

Apps like Edmodo and Schoology allow teachers, students, and parents to communicate and collaborate on assignments. Some teachers have incorporated Socrative into their curriculum in order to administer quizzes.

And let's not forget about the importance of learning discipline. Chances are, you take your cellphone to work with you. Eventually, we all have to learn that chatting online, posting on Facebook, and playing Pokemon Go really isn't appropriate for work. Why not instill that in school?

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