One woman's decision to hand out disapproving letters instead of candy to kids she considers overweight on Halloween has people fired up. It's a topic that's ignited a lot of good conversation with our listeners this week, that's for sure.

Listen to her reasoning. Good witch or bad witch?

One woman in North Dakota probably won't be everybody's favorite neighbor tomorrow night as trick or treating winds down. That's because she has decided to swap out letters instead of candy to children she considers overweight. That letter, she says, is meant to send a message to the parents that they are contributing to their child's weight problem by allowing them to solicit for free candy. If you have not seen the letter, click here.

As word of the letter spread across social media sites everywhere, she called in to a local morning show yesterday to explain her reasons for writing it. Listen to the audio in the video below.

As a former chubby kid who loved Halloween almost as much as Christmas, I have a few suggestions for Cheryl. Pass out fruit snacks, or granola bars if you don't like the idea of handing out candy. Organize a candy "buy back" program. Better yet...leave your light off, keep your judgements and your letter to yourself and allow all children to enjoy Halloween!

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