President John F. Kennedy decreed that the second full week of October would be "National School Lunch Week," back in 1962.

The week is to observe and celebrate good nutrition and healthy, safe school lunches.

Most kids will eat a healthy lunch if you give them one.  Unfortunately, if given the choice between junk food and healthy fare, kids will opt for the junk.  This has been a contentious battle in cafeterias across the nation.

Obesity is quickly becoming our nation's biggest health problem.  Some schools don't offer the choice of junk foods to the children.  This has led to rebellion and boycotts in some lunchrooms.  Some would say, "if you don't like what is being served, bring your own."

Making kids eat healthy foods has always been a challenge.  For the most part, the people who serve up school lunches do a great job. I always cleaned my tray when I was in school.  And often other people's too.

So let's celebrate National School Lunch Week with a hearty, healthy salute to those who wear the hair net and keep our kids fed with good nutritious food.

For many kids, school lunch is the only decent meal they get.