You've probably heard this before that toilet seats are actually a lot cleaner than some products you use on a daily basis. Let's start with ATM machines and talk about how many germs are on there that you may not even think about. Did you know that hotels/motels only clean their bedspreads once a year in that?

Ladies we know the bottoms of our purses pick up a lot of nasty bacteria. Of course they do because we set them on the floors at restaurants or bathrooms and don't even think twice about it. I never really thought about this one, but how about a restaurant menu. Do you really think they wipe down their menus after taking someone's order?

Another thing that is germier than a toilet seat is your steering wheel. Think about it, you're eating while driving or you've just pumped gas and then drive away. Do you honestly wipe down your wheel on a regular basis? So keep this in mind while you're out all day going about your business and always have hand sanitizer on you at all times!