This has got to be a first, well maybe not,I would guess the first time anyone has ever been caught doing this.Kids may not like the food in their school lunchrooms, but two men in Key West, Florida sure do.

WTSP reports police recently arrested Lawrence Dixon and Carl Dudley Crabtree for stealing 30 pounds of frozen chicken nuggets from a high school cafeteria freezer. read more about the nugget bandits after the jump.Police, acting on a tip, found the food in their car, along with money from vending machines, a computer and power equipment. Authorities also found a red-and-white graduation tassel.

Crabtree and Dixon claim they needed the booty they stole to help launch a new business, although it’s unclear why they were compelled to pilfer the poultry.  The pair faces theft and burglary charges. oh, i see so it wasn't a love for chicken nuggets that drove them to do such a stupid thing.