Today is "Theme Thursday" on the Cars' Classic Lunch. It's always fun to find songs that match the theme. Here are my favorites for today.

Share yours with me at (810) 239-1079 today! We'll also play a little trivia with a "theme" song too and you could win a $20 gift certificate to Tim Hortons!

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    Fire and Rain

    James Taylor

    This song in September of 1970 marked the first appearance of James Taylor on Billboards charts. He would later be inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame (2000). It is the centerpiece of our theme today - Fire and Rain.

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    I Love A Rainy Night

    Eddie Rabbit

    In November of 1980, Eddie Rabbit topped the charts with this big hit! He picked up a gold record too! He got his break when Elvis Presley recorded one of his songs, "Kentucky Rain" in 1970. The rest is history!

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    Light My Fire


    Talk about career starters! This song by the Doors would begin a lengthy run of hits and gold records. It was their first chart hit and spent 3 weeks at number one, and also earned them their first gold record. It's a hit today on Theme Thursday!

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    Crazy World of Arthur Brown

    From the one-hit-wonder department comes Arthur Brown. In September of 1968 he had a #2 hit and also grabbed a gold record with this one. It is easily recognizable form the opening shout, "I am the God of Hell Fire".