There's one more Super Bowl commercial that you probably haven't seen - in fact most of us didn't see it Sunday night, because it only aired in North Platte, Nebraska.

And this is no big budget ad featuring Jerry Seinfeld, Matthew Brodderick or Regis - it's a low rent spot with the one and only Will Ferrell pitching 'Old Milwaukee' beer. But it's getting more Internet buzz than most of the big guys' commercials. A lot more:

So far, it's been viewed a whopping 155,000 times. Compare that to Budweiser's Clint Eastwood entry, which has been viewed on YouTube about 99,000 times, according to Bloomberg Businessweek.

Ferrell agreed to make a series of ads for the beer company for free, provided they were filmed in Davenport, Iowa and only run in that town’s market.

And yes, the ad is supposed to cut off abruptly at the end.