I saw this ambush as it happened live last night, and laughed out loud.

As if standing out in crappy weather isn't bad enough, Jim Cantore had this idiot to deal with!

I wanted to watch our southern states take a pounding from Mother Nature for a change, so I turned on the Weather Channel for awhile. I'm glad I did...I caught this gem as it happened.

Jim Cantore, a meteorologist for The Weather Channel is often out in the field in all of the most hellish weather conditions, and last night was no different. He was covering the rare winter storm that slammed the southern states last night during "Weather Center Live" and was broadcasting from South Carolina's College of Charleston when out of nowhere a young man let out an exuberant yell, as he tried to tackle Cantore.

The fearless weather man didn't lose a beat and the would be attacker got a knee in the crotch for his trouble.

Check it out in the video below. below.