Did you have children of all ages hanging out at your workplace today? The third Thursday of every April is Take Your Daughter and Son to Work Day.

When I was in elementary school, my mom would take me to her office for the day and let me play with the copier and the label maker. By the end of her eight hour work day everything in the office had a label of some sort on it, and there were multiple copies of my hands. I have fond memories of these days, I would dress up in my "work" clothes and play an adult for the day.

Back when I used to participate in this holiday, it was known as Take Your Daughter to Work Day. The program was originally created to address self-esteem issues in girls and introduce them to careers they don't learn about in school. At one point the Ms. Foundation, who started Take Your Daughter to Work Day, tried to create a Sons Day to recognize boys. The concept of Sons Day was quite controversial, it was to take place on a Sunday so they wouldn't miss school. They would stay home with their fathers and learn how to cook and clean. This program was quickly vetoed. The title of this day was officially changed in 2003 to Take Your Daughters and Sons to Work Day.

What is your favorite memory of taking your children to work with you?