Lawmakers say that slow drivers who hog the fast lane are a safety hazard. That's why it may soon be against the law.

House Bill 459, otherwise known as the "Slow Poke Bill" has already been approved by the Georgia House and Senate and is just waiting on a signature from Georgia's Governor, Nathan Deal. It's expected to take effect on July 1st.

"The Slow Poke Bill" would force slow drivers in the passing lane to put that blinker on and immediately move to another lane if a faster car approaches.

Bill Hitchens has been the driving force behind House Bill 459. As a former Georgia Public Safety Commissioner, he has seen many instances of slow drivers in the passing lane causing frustration, accidents and several reported cases of road rage.

The new law would make "left lane lingering" a misdemeanor. Drivers who do not comply will be given a citation and could pay as much as $1,000.

More about this legislation in the video below.