This goofy, three-chord, 208 word song, written about being lazy and getting drunk, has generated a multi-million dollar business all over the world. $100 million in one year alone. What is it?Jimmy Buffett's 'Margaritaville'. Did you know that the song has driven the opening  of another $35 million, 40,000-square-foot complex.Housing two restaurants, multiple bars, a beach-themed casino, and several breezy, laid-back retail stores, all tucked away in a larger gambling mecca called Resorts. For Jimmy Buffett, the grand opening was no special occasion the Atlantic City outpost is the 27th Margaritaville in the world.

Margaritaville Enterprises, founded in 2006 and based in Orlando, sells everything from beachwear to furniture and also oversees at least one Caribbean island resort, two American resorts, and four casinos. You can buy Margaritaville rum and combine it with a Margaritaville drink mixer in your very own Margaritaville blender that costs $349.99.

The company brought in at least $100 million in revenue in 2007. As a private company, Margaritaville doesn’t release information about its holdings, but by all accounts it has only expanded since then. As the Parrothead empire continues to spread, one can’t help but wonder whether a more lucrative song does. Happy Birthday to You, which continues to generate upwards of $2 million a year.

To think all this began with a song about being lazy and drunk.Enjoy!