I'm not sure I would feel very safe on the streets of Flint riding a one-wheeled vehicle, but this electric unicycle might be just what you’re looking for. Tired of paying $4 a gallon for gas, or riding the MTA bus? Here's a new option for the brave at heart.

RYNO Motors has designed a self-balancing, one-wheel, electric scooter. This machine could have come from the Blade Runner movie. It could also be a significant response to the perils of public transportation, but it also would be part circus sideshow. Watch this video and decide if you would take the challenge.

There are plans to begin a scheduled production of the Micro-Cycle in January 2013. RYNO Motors believes that this one-wheeled vehicle could create a significant change in the way we travel. Yes, it does appear dangerous, but it's makers feel it is safe when it is responsibly handled. Would you be brave enough to ride one on the streets of Flint?