Mark Landry, who is homeless, has been playing his violin around the city of Montreal in metro stations for many years.

On Tuesday, he held up a sign that said, "Violin stolen." He had no idea that his story was about to go viral.

A woman who passes by Landry daily took a picture of his sign, saying, "“in the hope that a good Samaritan has a violin to give.”

Jean Dupré, the CEO of the L’Orchestre Métropolitain, saw the Facebook post and was moved. He told the Washington Post, "We said, ‘Oh my God, this poor man lost his only way of communicating his passion to others. We had to realize this person was not just a nobody. We knew this person, because he had been playing in the subway for the last six or seven years. This person was a person who played music.”

He reached out to the owner of a local music shop, who was also moved by Landry's story. He sold Dupré a violin and bow with the case at cost, which was then delivered to Landry. He said, "I talked to God this morning and said I cannot live without my violin.”