"I've cried over this dog for more than a year."

Florida resident Barry Gearhart posted an emotional video on Facebook on Saturday. His dog, Titan, had been stolen from his truck on December 28th of 2014. He and his friends posted fliers around the neighborhood, with no success.

Recently, a dog named "Hank" at the local animal care and control had developed kennel cough, and had two weeks to find a foster home or he would be euthanized. A woman named Terra Miller took him in to help him get over his illness...and then she saw the pictures of him on Facebook. Barry and his pal Titan have now been reunited.

And if this isn't the best way to start the new year, we don't know what is!


OK here goes .. the story might have a lot of run-on sentence excuse my grammar.. but I'm going to try to get this...

Posted by Barry Gearhart on Sunday, January 3, 2016