"When I realized they also owned Dejá Blue bottled water, I figured I'd ask them to donate to Flint in lieu of swag."

Back in 2009, Deaborn resident Diana Hussein was sitting at work, trying to think of a handle for her Twitter. There was a can of Diet Dr. Pepper on her desk, so she decided to use it. Not the can, but the name - @DietDrPepper. She used the Twitter account to express her views on Detroit sports, politics, etc.

She always wondered, though, if the Dr. Pepper Snapple Group would want the Twitter handle back. Recently, they said yes - and Diana said that she didn't expect anything in return, other than some free pop.

Instead, they agreed on a donation of $5,000 of bottled water to be sent to Flint. At the beginning of March, 24 pallets containing 41,000 bottles of water were delivered to the Food Bank of Eastern Michigan.

You can follow her personal Twitter at @heyadiana

That's a pretty selfless thing to do! I don't know if I'd be so generous...I mean, who wouldn't ask for money? She's a better person than most of us! You can watch a video of Diana talking about the donation HERE.