"That hug she gave me was like a hug I had never felt. Those tears she shed were felt deep in my heart." 

Carmen Mendez was eating with her boyfriend at Raising Cane's, a fast food restaurant in southern California. A homeless woman walked in and started asking for food, and Carmen obliged. She gave her a chicken finger and a few fries, and the woman left. As Carmen was finishing her meal, the woman returned...and Carmen said something didn't feel right. ""She deserved so much more."

So Carmen bought the woman an entire meal, and the she was moved to tears. Carmen's boyfriend took a picture of the moment, which Carmen says that she was hesitant to share. I'm sure it must feel strange, like you're asking for a pat on the back. But I don't think she was. I think she was showing us all how a kind gesture, however small, can make such a difference. And I'm glad she shared it.