The employees at the store gave back to her, by giving her a cake and singing "Happy Birthday" to her.

The 99 Cents Only store in Beverly Hills, California, sent out a request - tell us about somebody you know who is turning 99, and we'll choose one person to receive a shopping spree. They received seven submissions, and they chose Donna Goldstein...because of her generosity.

She regularly puts together Thanksgiving baskets for families in need, so when she won the shopping spree, she decided to use it on somebody other than herself. During the shopping spree (which took place on her birthday), she bought essential items like toothbrushes and socks, as well as fun gifts like holiday candy and Christmas ornaments for children in need.

The items will be distributed to children through her church.

Can I just say, I really, really  hope that I look that good if/when I'm 99?