I am a die-hard fan of the "Back To The Future" movie series.  I love the concept, the characters, and that time machine!  I was able to see a DeLorean at Back To The Bricks a few years back, and there were several of the slick sedans at last year's Bricks Flicks.


As much as I love the fantasy of it all, it looks like more and more of a reality.  I brought you a story a few months back about Nike producing the Air Mag, the shoes Marty McFly wore in Part 2 during a stop in 2012.  What else is a reality now?  A flying DeLorean!

I was blown away when I stumbled across this video.  A man in Russia has built an actual flying DeLorean!  Before you fill up Mr. Fusion and start making time-travel plans, there is only one in the world... and it only a model.  However, the detailed recreation has a lighting system that mimics the car from the movie, and yes, it actually flies!

By far the best application of a quad-rotor RC vehicle I have ever seen, this one-of-a-kind is sure to make any fan of the trilogy insanely jealous... including myself!  This would certainly outsell the non-hovering hoverboard replicas that are available for just a few more days!