That's it. That's all I've got this morning. 

We went to Niagara Falls in October of last year as a family. We were at breakfast one morning, and the Canadian waitress started talking about their election for Prime Minister, which was just a few days away. She said, "You guys have an election coming up too, don't you?"

We responded, "Yeah. A year from now." She almost dropped the coffee.

That was a over a year ago.

Yes, there is something called "election stress disorder." And people were experiencing it. I'm not gonna lie - I've suffered from anxiety since I was a child. I pull my eyelashes out when I'm stressed. Hell, I'm 34 and I still do it. On Monday night, I actually tried meditation for the first time - I was having a panic attack that wouldn't quit, and I have no doubt that a good portion of my anxiety came from the following election day.

You're either ecstatic this morning, or you're devastated. The country is divided straight down the middle - literally. Look at the results.

And by no means is this "over." 

We know that. We know that this will be just like the last eight years - one side, fighting with the other.

If there's one thing we know from living here in Michigan, it's that the voters say one thing...and the politicians do another. Remember last year's gas tax that we voted against and they passed it anyways? 

Let's be kind to our neighbors. Our friends. Our family. Even our opponents. We are NOT enemies, just because we disagree. 

Be good to the people that we interact with every day. Let's show the world that we can come together. Hug somebody today with different views than you.

I'm reminded of The Good News from about a month ago, out of Florida: strangers reacted immediately to a car accident, flipping a car over to save the driver and a 9-year-old girl. The Facebook post said:

Just when I think humanity has lost its way, I see the kindness of others. I didn't see anyone worried about race or politics, the only concern were the lives in that car.

Let's remember that. And let's all try to be good people today, and every day.