Wow, I thought typing a title with two intentional errors would feel good -- maybe even therapeutic. It didn't. I feel a bit dirty.

If you cringe at typos, spelling and usage errors, and misused punctuation, we have something in common. But I take it a step too far, and screen capture my friends' mistakes to share here. They'll forgive me. I hope.

  • What Do Moms Taste Like?

    Never mind. Don't answer that.

  • It Must Be A Popular Dish.

  • It's The Thought That Counts, Right?

    Not everyone in my family is as persnickety as I am.

  • It's Pronounced Coy-nez-ez-ez-ez.

  • Oh, And A Copy Of 'English For Dummies'!

    Shut up I'm still talking
  • Every Day I'm Glad You Weren't My English Teacher.