This home in Austin, Texas will get you into the holiday mood with a Christmas light show that's above awesome, set to PSY's 'Gangnam Style.'

We wonder, "What is it like to be this family's neighbor?" Wait, that might not be so fun after all.

Whether it's cats, a rapping weatherman, or a marching band, you just can't escape this infectious Korean monster hit. Or for a change of pace, check out this cool acoustic version.

And for the truly nerdy, take a look at the test video, taken while setting up this over-the-top display. The homeowner notes:

"Each tree has a firestick running up the trunk for 8.5 feet, divided into 8 channels each 1 foot long containing 50 warm white LED twinkle lights. Both firesticks take 16 channels consuming 1 lightorama controller. 4 additional channels are used to control the 600 LED C6 and 200 LED C9 multicolor lights in each tree."

Wow, that's a lot of "Geek Speak."

- George McIntyre
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