"That's good, that's pleasure." Yup, I said it. And I meant it!

That's how good our burger creation is that is being featured tonight (6/17) at Buds N Burgers in downtown Flint. (Hat's off to Lisa from Good 2 Go Burgers and More' who did all of the creating, and gave me all of the credit!)

The phrase 'That's good, that's pleasure' is currently the Cars 108 version of 'No soup for you!'

  • People say it when they see me in the hallway.
  • Instead of saying, "I agree," or otherwise answering in the affirmative, I hear, "That's good, that's pleasure."
  • And there's a version with rap music that has been piped into our phone system here at the radio station.
  • I suspect the t-shirts are being printed.

I claim ownership!

Hope to see ya tonight at Buds N Burgers!