Yesterday, we talked about the video that had gone viral which included a Texas judge beating his daughter with a belt over using the internet. We found out the judge specializes in child abuse cases and his daughter released the video because she wanted him to get help. According to The Today Show, police can't file charges because too much time has elapsed.

The initial beating took place seven years ago, which police say they could have investigated and pressed charges if the daughter had said something then. All of you agreed that the judge should be removed from the bench which hasn't been decided yet. Even though police aren't charging him, he's still being investigated by the state's Judicial Conduct Commission and the Texas Department of Family and Protective services, who want him removed from current cases until they finish their investigation.

All of you agreed yesterday morning that he should be removed, especially since he reviews child abuse cases all the time. The judge now claims his daughter released the video because he recently cut her off, but she says she did it because he needs help. You can watch the daughter's explanation below.