Parents who witnessed this in a popular park Sunday morning are still very emotional.

Watch and tell us. Educational or down right mean and thoughtless?

Picture this. You're in a popular neighborhood park watching your children play in the spring sunshine. Then a van pulls up to the curb, a man in a ski mask makes a dash for a young child, and then leaps back into he vehicle as it speeds off.

This all played out Sunday morning, and as you might imagine, the playground turned into complete chaos as frightened parents frantically dialed 911 as children screamed and cried.

Within a few minutes the van returned with the child safe and sound. The whole incident was explained as a public awareness campaign, but angry aren't buying it.

Unfortunately, the local police department isn't able pursue criminal charges because no one was hurt. As Police Chief Bill Dickinson points out "There's no law against stupid."

Watch and leave a comment please. Is this educational or downright mean and stupid?

Watch footage of the abduction and get reactions from parents who were there in the video below.

See below for the final product of this "educational" kidnapping as posted on the TwinzTV YouTube page.